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  • Berea Baptist Church

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  • Chowan BapTist Association

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  • Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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  • Southern Baptist Convention

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Fully believing in the autonomy of the local church, Berea Baptist Church has chosen to be a part of these Local, State and National Organizations:

Chowan Baptist Association: A network of 68 churches in North-Eastern North Carolina working together to share the good news of His free gift of salvation from sin. Through His empowerment we attempt to model the qualities that Jesus prized; above all, to love each other and our fellow man. We minister to our communities through various practical and spiritual means and welcome seekers of the Truth as well as believers.

Baptist State Convention of North Carolina: Includes 78 local Baptist associations and about 4,300 churches. Our cooperating churches are autonomous and each church voluntarily decides to join the BSCNC in ministry and mission efforts. The BSCNC staff operates under the supervision of a board, which is comprised of pastors and lay people from its member churches across the state.

Southern Baptist Convention: For over 170 years, Southern Baptists have sought to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people everywhere. The Southern Baptist Convention was formed with a Gospel vision. its founding charter identifies its singular focus: ...for the purpose of eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the Gospel...

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has grown to be a network of more than 50,000 cooperating churches and church-type missions banded together to make an impact of God's Kingdom. While no two Southern Baptist churches are alike, there are certain commonalities that bind Southern Baptists together, regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic status, language, or locale. What we offer here is an overview to help tell the story of what God is doing in and through the people called Southern Baptists.

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