Advent: Prepare Ye the way of the lord

Advent is defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. During the Season of Christmas, we often fill our days with shopping, parties, trips to see Santa, spending time with loved ones, and none of those things are bad. However, we must take a moment and remember why we have a reason to celebrate at all! Over 2,000 years ago the Son of God chose to leave the throne He deserved and take on human flesh! He chose to become mortal, with all the pain, sorrow and humility that entailed. He came as the most fragile and defenseless of all, in the form of a baby to redeem a world so lost in it's sin they were completely unaware of their need for Him. Often, we too are so lost in our own sin that WE are unaware of our need for Him. Pledge THIS Christmas to prepare your heart and your home for the anniversary of the arrival of the most notable person who ever lived: JESUS.

Our Advent devotional this Christmas season is courtesy of Lutheran Hour Ministries. We hope you enjoy using this tool to quietly prepare your heart for the Christmas season. This devotional is great for the whole family, and it is our prayer that you will take a few minutes a day to share this time with God and your loved ones.